About Us

Bear Lake Yacht Club est. 1971

Bear Lake is a Freshwater Lake straddling the Utah/Idaho Border. It lies about 130 Miles North of Salt Lake City, Utah & is approximately 20 Miles Long (N to S) and 8 Miles Wide (E to W). Elevation is approximately 5912 ft. above Sea Level. The Lake usually freezes in the winter but is a Beautiful Azure Blue Color all summer long. There is one large State operated marina on the west shore that includes berths for about 300 boats.

The BEAR LAKE YACHT CLUB was organized on November 19, 1971.

We have existed since that time as a group of concerned Bear Lake boaters.

Although named a “Yacht Club”, we cater to all persons interested in boating and the continued preservation of Bear Lake. The Club is concerned about environmental issues affecting the Bear Lake area as exemplified through the incorporation of the ecology insignia on the club burgee.

The Club organizes and sponsors social events, sailboat races, and other member activities. An important role of the BEAR LAKE YACHT CLUB is to serve as a conduit for communications between its members and state and local government authorities. The Club has a long-standing history of cooperation with the Bear Lake State Park Marina. Anyone interested in boating activities and/or the preservation of Bear Lake is invited and encouraged to join the Club.