2022 Race Info & RC Letter

Updated 4/18/2022

2022 Documents

Notice of Race
Sailing Instructions
2022-04-16 Newsletter

2022 Race Calendar (corrected 4/18)

5/14 -Spring Series- AM 11:00 Start PM 2:30 Start
5/28 -Spring Series- AM 11:00 Start PM 2:30 Start
6/11   -Spring Series- AM 11:00 Start PM 2:30 Start
6/24-26 -SailFest- AM 11:00 Start PM 2:30 Start
7/9   -Jud Preston Memorial- AM 11:00 Start
7/23 -Pie and Beer Pursuit Race/Women’s – AM 11:00 Start
8/6   -Solo Cup- AM 11:00 Start
8/20 -Fall Series- AM 11:00 Start PM 2:30 Start
9/3   -Monster Race- AM 11:00 Start, Actual TBA.
9/17 -Fall Series- AM Start 11:00 PM Start 2:30
10/1 -Fall Series- AM Start 11:00 PM Start 2:30

All skippers meetings for every race all year will be held at 9:30 AM at the Ranger Deck.

Post race festivities also on the Ranger Deck at UPDATED TO 5:30pm each race day.

2022 Race Committee SPRING Newsletter

Greetings everyone from the BLYC 2022 race committee.  With just about 30 days before the start (5-14) of the new racing season, the committee felt like we needed to reach out one more time to first and most importantly ask for your input and then discuss the new format that those suggestions have brought about so far.

The big news this year is the afternoon session that is a direct result of folks looking and asking for something different than what has been offered in the past.  First and foremost, with the 2:30 PM start it’s all about the afternoon breeze that should cater to a different type of event than the morning buoy races that are usually contested in much lighter conditions and have historically been shorter windward-leeward races.  The PM session is all about a more laid back longer less intense format that hopefully will bring out a more diverse group of boats and crews looking for a different experience than the AM buoy races. Some folks have gone so far as to call these “Fun Races”, well we think they’re all fun. We know some boats will do both AM and PM, but many will pick just one session.  The intent is to finish the AM session by 2:00 each day so there are a few minutes to grab a bite and a drink before the PM 2:30 start.  A typical PM course might simply be to race down to SS mark (just past Gus’s Point) and back, about 8.8 miles from the center start mark.  With the afternoon breeze in effect that course could be finished in as little as two hours.  Brian Bales and Mark Thompson have volunteered to be the fleet captains of the PM session and will be responsible for calling out the course each day.  The course will be called out over VHF channel 6 at 2:15 with the intent of the fleet crossing the line at 2:30.

Also new this year is the 7:00 PM Ranger Deck gathering to announce the days’ results, share a drink or a snack and badger your closest rival into buying you dinner.

Other exciting new stuff this year includes the return of Buster Pike’s Farr 30 after a year on the East coast, two more Melges 24’s and two Hobie Magic 25’s will be new to the lake too.  The three old guys will be back on their Ultimate 24 along with Brad and Tami Silver on their Ultimate 20.  Aussie Ron is rumored to be buying some new sails for his SR 21 and Cohen’s FT10 Cookie Monster is tuning up as well.

One last bit of business.  We would ask that if you intend to race more than a few times you seriously consider the $85.00 BLYC Racing season pass.  It covers every race all year long including Sailfest and the Monster, otherwise it’s $15.00 each day for members and $20.00 for non-members. Fees are to be paid at the end of each Skippers meeting.

One more last bit or two of business.  It is super important to make the morning skipper’s meetings even if you only race the PM session as it will be the best sign-up opportunity for the day. Skipper’s meetings will always be at the Ranger Deck at 9:30 AM all year long for every race.  All AM starts will be at 11:00 and any delays will only be called on the water in 10 or 15 minute intervals so it’s important to get launched and on the water in time.  Make sure your VHF radio is in order and working well as it is the primary form of race communication during the day.

The last bit, for now.  Don’t forget how crazy the ramp and parking lot can get on Saturdays later in the year, plan ahead.  Better yet make a weekend out of it, launch Friday night and take out Sunday afternoon and utilize the end tie offer the park has made us during event weekends.  $25.00 each night gets you into the park and an end tie, about $20.00 less than a transient slip each day.  There is a rumor running around that a number of folks would like to do Sunday AM racing too.

2022 Race Committee WINTER Letter

Greetings everyone from the BLYC Race Committee,

First things first, there has been a disturbance in the Force. After doing an excellent job of running BLYC Racing for the past several years Ben Towery has decided to move on to greener pastures. As we speak Ben is in the process of moving to Seattle with his bride Erica to live the dream of working and living the nautical life. If all goes as expected Ben will be with Ballard Sails and Erica will continue to work remotely all while living on their new to them boat. We all owe them a round of applause for their hard work and both will be missed. Thanks again guys!

Although Ben cannot be replaced, someone will have to fill his shoes. Tim, Paul, and Austin have volunteered to complete a program for the new year to the best of their ability.

Their focus will continue to be centered around making BLYC Racing more inclusive, accessible, and easier for anyone who may be interested. Prior to this transition, there has been discussion of adding an Afternoon Series in addition to the Morning Series. The Afternoon Series is designed to provide a more laid back form of racing in order to keep the momentum the program has picked up over the last few years, while hopefully providing a broader scope of boat types and bringing in newcomers. Afternoon Series courses and legs will be a little longer and may lack the windward-leeward short course format of the Morning Series. The goal is to have something for everyone.

The two series will proceed as follows:

Although there are two separate series, both series will meet at one skippers meeting which is to be held on Saturday at 9:30 AM at the ranger deck (same as last year). This will apply for every race unless otherwise specified. If you are not present for the skippers meeting, details will be emailed out immediately after the termination of the meeting.

Start Delays will no longer be announced at the skippers meeting, all delays will be announced on the water via VHF channel 6. Courses adjustments and additional information will also be shared via VHF channel 6.

Once again, Race Committee will do everything in their power to create a friendlier starting line environment, starting with a much wider starting line than normal. Also emphasizing the “give your brother a break” karmetic thinking. In the unlikely event that there might be an infraction let’s make sure we solve it on the water with the customary 360 rule.

Racing fees will remain the same as last year. BLYC members can opt for the season pass at $85.00 or choose the day rate of $15.00, non-members rate is $20.00 per day. All fees will need to be paid by the end of skippers meeting for the day of.

Course and mark location will remain the same as last year. Race schedule Course cards and sailing instructions will be available at skippers meeting if not attached to this email.

New this year will be a post race get together at the Ranger deck. The idea behind this gathering is to provide an atmosphere to share stories, a drink, and specifically to announce race results and standings. A snack (such as a hot dog or hamburger) may also be provided TBD.

What have we forgotten?  Please feel free to contact any of us at any time.

Lastly, please respond to this document via bearlakeracecommittee@gmail.com with your name, boat name, and preferred email address to be added to our email list.

Email: bearlakeracecommittee@gmail.com

Two emails have been sent to you, one directly to your personal email from me (Austin Adams), and the other through bearlakeracecommittee@gmail.com. Please insure you have both, check your trash or spam email (from there you should be able to unmark the email address as a spam email), as bearlakeracecommittee will me our main form of communication. If you notice someone was left out of this email please let me know so I can add them. If you desire assistance, call or email me (Austin Adams) at (385) 335-0414 or austin.adams0424@gamil.com

2021 Race Info & RC Letter

2021 Race Calendar

May 15th – Series Races
May 29th – Series Races
June 11th-13th – Bear Lake SailFest
June 20th – Jud Preston Memorial Race (after Father’s Day Brunch)
June 26th – Series Races
Aug 21st – Solo Challenge
Sept. 4th – Monster Race
Sept 18th Series Races
Oct 2nd – Series Races

2021 Race Committee Letter

Dear Members and Friends,
2020 brought great challenges but also great growth to the club and to the Bear Lake racing scene. As a club we tackled the COVID issues and managed to pull off a great season. We have also been constantly monitoring the COVID-19 guidelines issued by the state and CDC for 2021. As last year, we continue to let those be our guide. We are sailors and boaters who love Bear Lake and love the club and so we understand the anticipation and urgency many of us feel to get out on the water but we also take very seriously the current public health conditions. While the current pandemic seems to be waning, there are still restrictions in place.
As of 4/14/2021 the State of Utah has COVID restrictions for Rich County at “Low”. The Low designation permits groups up to 50 but to still practice social distancing and wear masks. We have to balance being social and gathering at the lake with the guidelines given by the state. The Club encourages everyone to follow the state’s guidelines and use your discretion for crew and who joins you at the lake. Please do not gather in large groups on the dock or shore side and when we do congregate please observe the 6 foot social distance and mask guidelines we all have become familiar with. Above all, please respect your fellow club members and other visitors to the lake.
The 2021 race schedule is as follows.
May 15th – Series Races
May 29th – Series Races
June 11th-13th – Bear Lake SailFest
June 20th – Jud Preston Memorial Race (after Father’s Day Brunch)
June 26th – Series Races
Aug 21st – Solo Challenge
Sept. 4th – Monster Race
Sept 18th Series Races
Oct 2nd – Series Races
We would still like to schedule a Women at the Helm Race. There will also be casual, non-scored, non-club fun races in July.
Distinct detailed Sailing Instructions will be emailed for the Series Races, SailFest, Women’s Race, Solo Challenge and Monster Race. Below are the basics for the season…
For all Series Races our intention is to hold at least 2 races each Saturday, starting earlier and sailing a little later. This is to hold races in a variety of Bear Lake conditions and simply to race more. Plan on a socially distant skippers’ meeting at the Marina Office deck at 10 am. The first race will start at 11:00 am. As last year, we will use GPS as the time keeper with no on the water committee boat. Courses will be announced at the skippers’ meeting. Times will be texted to the Race Chair at the finish of each race.
Provisional fleets will be Open, Spinnaker and Non-Spinnaker. This may change depending on the event and number of participants. We will accommodate one-design classes as they develop.
Ratings are based on PHRF using history from our own results and other local clubs. Rating adjustments can be made by the race committee.
SailFest will once again be a 3 day regatta with races held Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. We are very excited for this regatta as there is interest from out of town boats and potential for one or more one-design classes with Melges 24’s and Ultimate 20’s interested in racing. SailFest will also feel different than the Series races with on the water race committee, movable marks and even event t-shirts! We hope that this can be one of the biggest and best regattas we’ve held at Bear.
Rules are for the most part aligned with US Sailing and World Sailing but some may be modified by the race committee.
Safety is up to each individual skipper as is the decision of each skipper to start and or compete in any event.
Fees- The 2021 Series, Solo Race, Women’s Race and Monster Race fees are as follows; BLYC members are $10.00 per day. Non-club members are $15 per day. SailFest entry fees are TBD.
Please keep in mind that if the Utah state guidelines for dealing with COVID-19 change we may have to modify, change or cancel events. We will communicate any changes as soon as we know we may need to make those changes.
We look forward to seeing you at Bear Lake!
Ben Towery
Race Chair

Here’s ALL of the Racing Information;

Race Results